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Heirloom Events

Heirloom Events

JRB Event Services started in 1980 and became known for exceptional linen and a high level of service to their loyal customers. Over many years working with Stacey at Treehouse their brand has holistically become the boutique brand it is today.

In early 2018, Stacey Clarke put together a team to design and build a new website for JRB. She introduced the idea of having customers shop their catalog online and submit requests for a quote using Shopify to manage the back end. Stacey directed a photoshoot where she and owner, Heidi styled lavish tables and squeezed everything possible into a single-day shoot with talented Bay Area food photographer, Stacy Ventura. That website leveraged those large lifestyle images to sell a vast catalog where we were working with mostly amateur photos but it was enough to get them onto the map online and grow their business.

Later Heidi re-branded from JRB Event Services to Heirloom Events and Stacey designed the new brand and working with her team, updated the website to the new look. The team also included an SEO writer to create more content on the site to attract more targeted local traffic.

After years of annual maintenance and some follow-up photoshoots, Heidi and Stacey discussed plans to update the underlying theme of the website to a more up-to-date Shopify theme as well as hire a professional to shoot her products in the studio. With more and more customers shopping online for even rental quotes, it was time to step up their online imagery.

Stacey designed the new site theme taking in the inspiration from the client’s favorite shopping experiences as well as her own knowledge of the brand’s ethos. It needed to be boutique with the floral detail Heidi loves while being lighter and more airy than her previous site, giving space to the new photography. With Bryn Howlett providing the Shopify development, the project began.

Heidi connected with Dan Mills, a veteran of wine and product photography in the Bay Area and currently the talent behind winery photos at many of the most prestigious vineyards in Northern California. Stacey created a shot list and mood boards to guide the team through hundreds of products and curating the look and feel of the final site.

The team:
Art Director: Stacey Clarke
Shopify Web Developer: Bryn Howlett
Photographer: Dan Mills

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