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Audentes Consulting

Audentes Consulting

Audentes Consulting had a compelling challenge in their B2B business. They serve two completely different markets while both sides of the company are under the larger umbrella of risk management. Shane Hensinger heads up international political risk assessment, while Dr. Glenn Michelson heads up the the oncology drug development risk consulting. Could we unite these sides under one banner?

We looked at their target markets and found some similar themes and educational backgrounds. Stacey Clarke created the monogram in brush and ink with the A encircled by the C. Inspired by the Latin, Audentes, which roughly translates to fortune, Ancient Rome became a central theme. Much the way some of our most trusted educational institutions lean into this vernacular. We needed to communicate ethical high standards and high levels of education and expertise.

The website challenge was to introduce Audentes and then quickly divert visitors to either the oncology drug development side of the business or the international political risk assessment side. Stacey created the UI design with Geneva Bokowski consulting on content strategy and shaping the language around what they do. We teamed with Ashley Radar at Rad Web Marketing to take our ideas to the final site design.

The team:
Art Direction/UI Design: Stacey Clarke
Content Strategy/Writing: Geneva Bokowski
Web Development: Ashley Radar, RAD Web Marketing

Project image 0: Audentes Consulting Project image 1: Audentes Consulting